Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second release (bugfixes, some new features)

The second release of the block game is up! It's mostly bug fixes, here are the changes:
- Fixed a bug where the middle bar in Split mode wasn't displaying correctly.
- Figured out how Visual Studio's ClickOnce installer works: as a result, the game now correctly adds a "Robot House Games" folder in the Start Menu, instead of putting the game in a "Toshiba" folder (TL;DR I'm dumb but I stopped being dumb).
- Added "No music" option to the BGM list, in case you have Winamp or something going in the background and wanted to listen to your own music instead.
- Added an adjustable game speed option, with five settings.
- Tweaked the scoring system: blocks are worth a base 10 points now, with a bonus added depending on what speed you began the game with.

Get it at the Robot House Games site.


  1. Nice name :)

    John from robothousegames.com

  2. D'oh

    This is what I get for not Googling the name first to make sure it wasn't taken

  3. haha, its typical isn't it! good luck with the xna game, I've looked into xna a little but not made any head-way yet. I primarily deal in flash games for now, might check out unity too since it's java based syntax looks relatively painless!